Our product descriptions and image gallery present the capabilities that satisfy our most discriminating customers!

Welcome to the Custom Fashion Accessories Group

We established ourselves in the high end fashion accessories industry years ago by producing the finest quality products, with the utmost attention to detail, for the most discerning customers.  They rely on us to create original designs from their concepts and sketches, or from samples, and realize products that meet their specifications for the latest fashion accessories.  Our talented in-house design engineers translate their artistry and creativity using advanced solid modeling and rendering software, so they can evaluate aesthetics, fit, and function before tooling begins.  Our exceptional manufacturing and finishing processes provide paramount quality and durability.

By leveraging our comprehensive infrastructure, including a global manufacturing network, accomplished product design expertise, and sophisticated supplier and customer relationship strategies, our customers quickly fulfill their innovative ideas, bringing new and improved stylish products to the marketplace.

Mars International, with a proven track record that spans more than 45 years, also specializes in producing, assembling, and delivering mechanical and electrical assemblies as a contract manufacturer to a wide variety of other target industries through an extensive world-class manufacturing network.  For more information about other products at Mars International, please visit us at