Customer Relationship Management

Customer satisfaction is always our primary goal! The key to serving our customers is our understanding of their specific needs. By developing individualized strategies to deliver their products where and when they want them, at competitive costs, we build long term beneficial relationships and achieve our goal.

Our planning, purchasing, and inventory management processes coordinate the materials flow from order to point of consumption. This includes managing timelines, tracking materials, handling customs requirements, identifying best-cost carriers, and providing cargo security. The result is fewer touch points, less inventory, and maximum control. We operate with the following key principles:

  • Information is integrated across disciplines for efficient analysis and communication
  • Planning is achieved by forecasting, scheduling, monitoring, and purchasing to ensure on-time delivery
  • Procurement is completed for optimal materials flow and lead time management and for lowest cost
  • Product delivery services are flexible, efficient and meet the needs of the end customers

Our tactics may include pre-purchasing and stocking materials for cost or lead time compensation, leveraging material purchases across projects and factories, consolidating shipments, pre-purchasing and stocking your products in our US warehouse, drop shipping to your distribution centers, or implementing special supply agreements.

The benefits of reducing inventory with just-in-time manufacturing initiatives and choosing lower cost overseas manufacturers can be compromised by the increased complexity of managing product. This is exactly where we supply solutions! We bring you the best of both worlds– overseas manufacturing with US based product management and inventory capabilities.

What does this mean to you? It means peace of mind that Mars International provides the best products at the lowest overall cost, with the highest customer satisfaction!