Design Services

Our talented in-house engineering staff has extensive experience designing, tooling, and manufacturing custom fashion accessory products. Beginning with customer sketches or samples, they design using advanced solid modeling and rendering software, allowing our customers to evaluate aesthetics, fit, and function before tooling beings. These software models also allow customers to take advantage of our rapid prototyping capability for further design evaluation prior to tooling and manufacturing.

Mechanical design and analysis services include:

  • 3-D modeling with 3-D printing capability
  • Photo realistic rendering of products, textures, and finishes
  • Structural analysis and simulation
  • Tooling design, analysis and evaluation
  • Rapid prototyping, assembled functional models, and machined samples


We understand the tradeoffs associated with material selection, molding process, casting method, etc., to present the highest quality, most durable, cost-effective solutions. With our solid modeling software we can design complex, sculpted shapes and move the geometric data directly to manufacturing. Using this same data as the basis for all in-house finite-element analysis ensures consistency between our engineering simulations and our manufacturing facilities.

Our manufacturing engineers are the conduit between our product development teams and our manufacturing organizations.  Their understanding of the nuances of each manufacturing step allows for balanced analyses and refinements of each product.  They develop the processes, specify the equipment, and coordinate the activities needed for each unique product to manufacture at the lowest cost, highest quality, in volume, and in environmentally-friendly ways.  Geographically split between our US headquarters and overseas near our manufacturing partners, the manufacturing engineering team is intricately involved in all aspects of product development to ensure our customers’ product goals are met.

Our design and manufacturing engineers are crucial to delivering aesthetically refined products that meet the quality, durability, cost, and time-to-market goals of our most discerning customers in the fashion industry.

From initial sketch to final product –

Excellence in Every Detail!