Supplier Relationship Management

We establish qualified offshore manufacturing partnerships, and provide the expertise and resources to manage a global supply chain. Our customers benefit from accessing a global supply base, and get their products to market reliably, quickly and cost-efficiently.

Our supplier relationship management processes bridge product development, sourcing, supply planning, and procurement across the value chain. We identify, acquire, and retain the best manufacturing suppliers for our business, and implement shared business practices and linked operations with those partners. These strategies include essential activities to:

  • Share data, provide visibility, and manage materials in the supply chain
  • Monitor and evaluate key performance indicators
  • Develop a common problem-solving approach
  • Drive incremental savings
  • Provide on-site production monitoring
  • Develop continuous improvement processes
  • Provide document control and Intellectual Property (IP) protection

Our customers gain a competitive advantage by maximizing the value of the manufacturing supply base, and minimizing management overhead and risk because of the relationships we build and the processes we institute. Our supplier selections allow us to repeatedly offer and deliver high quality competitive solutions.

Extend your access to the benefits of a global supply base…. Bring simplicity to your manufacturing and product delivery needs… And let the Supplier Relationship Management processes at Mars International work for you!